Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae in Brief

Richard Nelson Frye


Born:  Birmingham, Alabama, USA, 1920

AB University of Illinois 1939 with summa cum laude in history and philosophy
MA Harvard University 1940 in history
PhD Harvard U. 1946.

Extra studies:
Princeton U. 1938 and 1941 for Arabic, Turkish and Persian    
School of Oriental Studies, U. London 1946-7 for Sogdian, Avestan, etc.

Farabi International Prize 2008
Khwarazmi Prize  2007
Honorary Doctorate -University of Tajikistan 1991

Junior Fellow, Society of Fellows at Harvard 1946-9
Ass’t. Professor of History 1949-53 at Harvard University
Assoc. Prof. 1953-57
Aga Khan Prof. of Iranian 1967-90.
Visiting Prof. at Frankfurt U. 1958-9, Hamburg U. 1968-9,
Visiting Scholar, Hermitage Museum, Leningrad 1966-7,
Visiting Prof. University of Tajikistan, 1990-92.
Director of Asia Institute, Pahlavi University, Shiraz, Iran 1970-5,

Editorial Board: Bulletin of the Asia Institute, 1970-
Co-Founder: National Association of Armenian Studies and Research, Belmont, MA 1959,
Founder: Center for Middle East Studies, Harvard U. 1949
Founder: Hagop Kevorkian chair of Iranian Studies, Columbia U. 1957
Founder: Aga Khan Chair of Iranian, Harvard 1956
Founder: Ozai Durrani Chair of Indo-Pakistan Studies, Harvard 1964.

Lists books only. For articles please refer to bibliographies in Publications

Notes on the Early Coinage of Transoxiana, NY 1949
History of the Nation of the Archers (Armenian text and trans.) Harvard 1952
The United States & Turkey & Iran, with L.V. Thomas, Harvard 1951
The Near East and the Great Powers, Harvard, 1953, editor  
Narshakhi, History of Bukhara, Cambridge, Mass. 1954
Iran, London, 1956
Persia, London, 1962
Bukhara, the Medieval Achievement, Oklahoma, 1965
The Histories of Nishapur, Leiden 1965
Persia, 1968
Excavations of Qasr-i Abu Nasr,  Harvard, 1973
The Golden Age of Persia, London 1977
Editor,  vol.4, Cambridge History of Iran, Cambridge 1975
The Ancient History of Iran, Munich , 1983
The Heritage of Central Asia, Princeton, 1996.
Greater Iran: A Twentieth Century Odyssey
Eternity of Iran